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The operation required mobilisation of a jack-up and included manufacturing, transportation and installation of the crane.

ADIL were approached to review the client’s state of readiness for undertaking the crane replacement operation, identify areas of improvement and to provide technical recommendations to safely accomplish the task.

ADIL played a major role in reviewing the integrated asset maintenance plan and working the critical path. The worklist execution and compliance with emergent work was evaluated and the conclusions drawn, in order to provide the most accurate recommendations for the project execution.

ADIL firstly developed an understanding of actual progress against the plan. Information was obtained through interviews and reviews of critical project documents, concentrating on the integrated plan.

ADIL completed a thorough analysis of all business drivers, KPI’s and key activities as part of the jack-up supported scope. This involved reviewing critical documentation such as organograms, PEP, the current campaign plan and schedule, including the critical path, HSE plan and MOC.

By applying industry expertise, ADIL quickly established the current status and identified areas of risk in achieving successful schedule delivery. The key factors were to deliver the review in short time scale to meet client’s expectations. ADIL completed a full, comprehensive report in one week’s time, and provided support to the client for the entire duration of the campaign.

ADIL specifically delivered:

  • A comprehensive review of the initial findings and assessment of team’s readiness
  • Feedback and observations regarding the findings including any red flags
  • Recommendations on the observed issues
  • Support for the duration of the campaign to meet schedule delivery
  • A high-level report containing the full analysis of the planned maintenance campaign
  • The jack-up campaign supported by ADIL was a success for the client, being delivered on time, on budget and with excellent HSE record

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