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Danish Sector, 5504/20

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Following previous support to PA Resources in undertaking the appraise stage reviews for Broder Tuck and Lille John, ADIL was engaged to provide project management services on the continuation of the Broder Tuck development through the select phase.

A team of ADIL personnel worked with PA Resources’ subsurface, commercial and well engineering teams to determine the best facilities configuration to deliver production from Broder Tuck.

The select phase process was divided into two stages: phase 1 to review all potential options and narrow down to two or three and phase 2 to work the shortlist in more detail to enable a final recommendation to be made.

  • ADIL quickly adapted to changing circumstances to revisit old options and evaluate new ones
  • A good scoping of work for, and management of, the engineering support contractor has been implemented along with the establishment of a strong working relationship with PA Resources and its economic, commercial and wells teams
  • Development of comprehensive, bottom-up, capex and opex estimates was key to being able to differentiate between options; peer review and bench-marking of the cost estimates provided a good level of confidence in the results
  • Stage 1 engineering in select phase has been successfully completed with stage 2 work in progress and expected to be completed in Q3 2014
  • ADIL has been responsible for the management of the facilities studies and co-ordination of all aspects of the work
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